We’ve got lots of mini events running all weekend just in case you get wrecked in your tournament, are looking to hang, or just enjoy the small things in life.

more to come!




TIME: 4pm to 7pm

RUN BY: Chris Masucci

We’re starting off our EPIC weekend off with some good old Star Wars Legion! We will have models for you to use.

Already a pro at the game? Stop by, we would love to check out your skills.

Bolt Action.jpg

K47 Open Play

TIME: 7:30pm to 10pm

RUN BY: Chris Masucci

Konflikt 47 is HUGE here at Mythicos! Therefor, we’re brining this awesome game to Triumph. Bring your soldiers, or use some of ours! 750 points a match.




TIME:11am to 2pm
RUN BY: Chris Masucci

Get ready for massive sized robots battling it out for control over vital resources.


Titanicus Demo/Open Play

Time: 3pm to 7pm

Run By: Chris Masucci

Today is all about massive robots battling it out to the death! We have plenty of sick looking titans for you to try out!


Meet a Pro

Time: 8am to 6pm

Run By: Frank Kahsar

Come hang out with Frank, an 18 award winning painter. To name a few: six Crystal Brushes, eight MFCA Coins, and four World Expo Medals. He will hanging out painting away; ready to answer any of your painting questions. Talk with Frank and get $10 OFF his June 22nd Airbrush class at Mythicos Studios!

We will have a painting station for you as well!


ASOIAF (1).jpg

A Song of Ice and Fire

TIME: 11am to 3pm

RUN BY: Brian Kirby (A CMON Volunteer)

After the conclusion of the final episode of Game of Thrones, here at Mythicos we need more! That’s why we’re bringing The Iron Throne with us to Triumph! Come hang out with Brian and learn this exciting game with all of your favorite characters! All models will be provided.


Star Wars Legion

TIME: 9am to 5pm
RUN BY: Cody and Brendan

We will be running DEMOs and 2v2 800 point battles 9am to 5pm! We have plenty of awesome models for you to try out!



TIME: 10am to 12pm
RUN BY: Chris Masucci
*note image shown is not what is given during mini-event.

Take some time and relax. We are breaking open several paint kits just for you! Pick a model you like, and build it however you like. Then use some of our paints and go wild. And of course you can bring home what you create!


Learn to play


Time: 12pm to 4

Run By: George Wadsworth

Ever wanted to see what would happen if the Adventures went toe to toe with the Justice League? Who is stronger; Superman or The Hulk? Find out in this amazing Heroclix DEMO! All models will be provided. We are going to be using heros from the new Marvel and DC movies.